Gabor Halasz

The director of the German short film on Drop Dead Foundation…

Dear Aabid,

Yesterday the story about you was broadcasted on German TV.

You can watch it here:

It;s in german, but hopefully you will understand something.

Thank you again for your help and the hospitality.

Hope to see you once again.

Best regards from Delhi,

Gabor Halasz

12 July 2013



Mails From Munich

Dear Mr. Aabid Surti, 

First I want to congratulate you for your great idea & job to repair water-taps!!!!!

I saw you in German TV today!

What a great idea!  Every year I am in Bombay (and I am shocked how people waste water! )

Second, I like your art.

Third, probably I will be in Bombay middle of January.

Where will I find you? For a coffee, for taking some pics… (if you like)

Lots of greatings from Munich, Germany (a water-saving-country!:-)

Elke Maria

Dr. Elke Maria Deubzer
Lothstr. 18
80335 München, Germany

12 July 13


Dear Mr. Surti,

I saw you this evening in German TV (ARD / BR) reparing water pipes etc. in Mumbai.
Congratulation! I am happy to get knowledge about your person and I think more people like you, could change many.
Thank you.

Best Regards
Werner Vogt
Munich, Germany

2nd Dec  2013