You make a difference

Dear Vaishnavi, Shruthi, Shanthi and Vijayakumar,

Mr. Aabid Surti is a distinguished painter and writer. He is also the founder of the Drop Dead Foundation which has made such a remarkable difference in water conservancy.

Have enclosed one of the articles narrating his incredible journey.

After reading this article I was moved by this initiative and felt we should also be a part of this.

One of our CSR objectives is Water Conservancy and I felt there is no better way and person to partner and take things further.

We have now partnered with Mr. Aabid Surti and would be implementing this project in Chennai as part of Home Serve CSR in association with the Drop Dead Foundation.



Vice President – Customer Relations

May 2013

(This is an introductory mail between my team and yourself. Vaishnavi is the head of Marketing and Activations. Shruthi is our Digital Marketing Manager. Vijayakumar is our Repairs Head. Shanthi is our Customer Care Manager.)


Dear Mr. Aabid Surti,

Thanks for your support.

Will keep my staff informed about the washers.

We maintain a Facebook page for our company – Home Serve. I would like to do a feature on this by interviewing you. My Digital Marketing Manager – Shruthi would be in touch with you shortly. Please let me have your contact numbers.

Thank you once again.



Vice President – Customer Relations

17th Aug 2013