Questionnaire for Sparrow Awards

1. Aabid , how much of a surprise has it been to receive the NFS Sparrow Award? 

Not a big surprise.

2. What inspired you to get involved with the conservation of water by fixing

    leaking taps?

My childhood. Living in ghetto and fighting for each bucket of water everyday on a

public tap.

3. How do you raise your funds to carry forward your activities?

My fund raiser is God. He pokes right people at the right time, to support my cause.

You are the third one.

4. How do you manage to maintain a balance between professional/ family

    and your   work in regard to conservation?

    My family is one with me. I m giving my Sundays to the cause. That is my duty.

Its like  an old gardener planting a mango tree whose fruits will be eaten by next


5. What kind of support do you expect from Government agencies, citizens

   and  society at large?

Just follow my footprints. Do something good for the society that has given

you abundantly.

6. What are the challenges/ difficulties you face in doing the work you have

    decided on?

No challenges. Its kids stuff. Anyone can do it.

7. How difficult is it to work for conservation or environmental issues? 

Once you decide, its a rosy path.

8. If there are pitfalls, what motivates you?

Inner fire.

9. Tell us more about your initiative?

Its simple. You can also do it in your locality.

10. Such work is often a lonely path. How does it feel to see your efforts

      being recognized?

Of course it makes me more happy.

11. What plans do you have to take forward your work?

Its already spreading like fire. A German Channel who covered Drop Dead

phenomena was telecast-ed from Berlin and shown all over Europe.

12. What are your thoughts on NFS Sparrow Awards? 

Great doing.